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Opening hours:
  • 10:00 – 22:00
Wiener Gasse 5 9020 Klagenfurt Am Wörthersee

A Romantic Place to Have Ice Cream

Klagenfurt is a picturesque town in the south of Austria. Considering that it lies at the foot of the Alps, it’s not surprising that Carinthians really love our “Alp’s Caramel” ice cream. We believe that our rustic style store fits right in there. We were warmly welcomed there when we opened in 2015.

Outside the store is a beautiful iron guild sign that guides ice cream lovers through the pedestrian zone. There’s seatings available for those who are not in a rush. The Lindworm – the town’s landmark – is just a few steps away from our store. He seems to get along really well with our checked cow